March 09, 2022


Pleased to announce that I will have some art work up in this group show, do come along!

MOVING PICTURES at City Screen York

13th March - 15th April 2022

The first week from 13th March is a preview in the cafe with a selection of works

LAUNCH NIGHT for the extended show is on Sunday 20th March 19:30 - 21:00 with wine, snacks and chat.


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February 19, 2022

Shelby Brothers (Painting Process)

Oil on Paper


In this post I just wanted to go into a little more detail about my process with some step by step images of this recent painting, I suppose it’s more of a character study, of the 3 Shelby brothers from Peaky Blinders. 

Using a blue coloured pencil to begin with I’m just roughing in and finding the structure of the head. A colour pencil is good for this because it doesn’t smudge much on the paper and a softer colour doesn’t really feel like your final lines. With the drawing I think it’s good to start quite rough and tighten as you go. Structure is the most important thing here.

Then I’ll go in and make a tighter line drawing with 2H graphite pencil, I used a mechanical one in this case. 2H is also pretty light and non smudgey.  Once the pencils feels fairly tight and the characters are looking like they have some resemblance I’m ready to get into paint. I like the linework to feel pretty accurate but also like I can continue to improve the likeness in the coming stages. With this process of several passes in different media I find you can improve upon the image with each pass.

At this point I Gesso the paper. I’m working in an A4 sketchbook with 150gsm Cartridge Paper so the double page opens out to A3 and apply 2 or three thin layers of watered down Gesso. This seals the pencils in but it’s still dark enough to see when working on the paint. 

For the underpainting I’m using only Burnt Umber Oil paint thinned down a lot with medium. I’m using Zest It as it’s a nice healthy alternative to turps or white spirit and allows thin watery washes. It smells really good too! It’s a lot like doing an ink or watercolour at this stage and I’m just trying to lock in the basic structure of lights and darks. I build up lots of these thin washes and work up the tones. Eventually the paint starts to get a little thicker and more opaque and I’ll start mixing some Titanium White into the mix for highlights or maybe darken the Burnt Umber with a little Ultramarine Blue or Paynes Grey

Once the underpainting is dry it’s time to move into colour. I’ll start by glazing transparently over the underpainting and build up to using thicker paint with much less medium in other areas. I do most of my Oil Painting with Rosemary an Co. Evergreen Filberts or Flats sizes 1-4 with some tighter details using a small Pointed Round. These are a good Synthetic but natural hair feeling brush with a nice spring.

I go back in to some of the smaller details and tighten certain things up with coloured pencils once a passage is dry. It’s a long road then of rendering and pushing paint about until I feel like it’s done.

Hope this is useful information to someone out there and happy to answer any questions. I think these are turning out ok, of course I am over scrutinising the likenesses right now and still think I can push them further before calling totally finished. but overall I am really enjoying working with oils again  Thanks for checking this out!

October 27, 2021



Sketchbook pages in Pencil from my Moleskine. The bottom page shows studies from Norman Rockwell paintings. The top I looked at reference photos on Pinterest that struck me as..just a little bit ‘Rockwelly’. I used 2H-HB 2mm Leadholder and Mechanical Pencil.

October 12, 2021

Recent Work

I’m starting this blog because of a growing dissatisfaction with the social medias. It’s the format, and mostly an aesthetic thing but I also have concerns about how as online artists we must fall into a pattern - serve or be smothered by the algorithms. I just want a no-frills space outside of the apps to post my art in a place that feels a little bit more my own.

Those social media platforms will continue to rise and fall in popularity but I think I could occasionally share some useful info about drawing and painting here that will be archived and searchable. Instagram and Facebook don’t really feel like the place to talk about technique in more detail or maybe review some art products?

I’m primarily a portrait painter but not exclusively. I’m moving towards doing some multi character, montage, poster type pieces. Every medium seems to be my favourite whilst I’m doing it but I draw a lot in sketchbooks and paint with Oils, Watercolour, Gouache and Digital.

I’ll start with some recent work. I’ve been looking to movies, popular T.V shows, comics, games and fandoms for their wealth and variety of character. It’s the kind of thing that got me excited to do art in the first place. These works attached are watercolour and gouache paintings from The Terror, Vikings and American Gods.