October 12, 2021

Recent Work

I’m starting this blog because of a growing dissatisfaction with the social medias. It’s the format, and mostly an aesthetic thing but I also have concerns about how as online artists we must fall into a pattern - serve or be smothered by the algorithms. I just want a no-frills space outside of the apps to post my art in a place that feels a little bit more my own.

Those social media platforms will continue to rise and fall in popularity but I think I could occasionally share some useful info about drawing and painting here that will be archived and searchable. Instagram and Facebook don’t really feel like the place to talk about technique in more detail or maybe review some art products?

I’m primarily a portrait painter but not exclusively. I’m moving towards doing some multi character, montage, poster type pieces. Every medium seems to be my favourite whilst I’m doing it but I draw a lot in sketchbooks and paint with Oils, Watercolour, Gouache and Digital.

I’ll start with some recent work. I’ve been looking to movies, popular T.V shows, comics, games and fandoms for their wealth and variety of character. It’s the kind of thing that got me excited to do art in the first place. These works attached are watercolour and gouache paintings from The Terror, Vikings and American Gods.

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